The Android operating system is slower than Huawei HongMeng OS

The Android operating system is slower than Huawei HongMeng OS

The Android operating system is slower than Huawei`s HongMeng OS 

After google banned all the services given Huawei, in a recent interview, Ren Zhengfei said that HongMeng OS is not traditional now as Android is but it is much faster than the Android OS.

Why Huawei`s built there own operating system .


Things were wrong when Trump administration banned all the services which the USA gives to the Chinese giant to Huwaei. According to him that Chinese leak USA data and the second reason was a world trade war between USA and China.  Due to which now Huawei`s moves forward and build their OS, which is HongMeng OS. 

USA not only banned not to sell the services to Huawei but also banned that it will not purchase a product from the USA.

Now, this is hot news at that time; recent news came that Huawei planned to discuss with Russia to use Aurora OS. It is still a mystery now which OS does Huawei go into use.

Recently Donald Trump removes all the ban from the Huawei now Huawei use the services of USA and also purchase a product from the USA and use them in their product but they still working on their OS, which is faster than the Android. In future, they will try to replace the OS with Android OS.

In a recent interview, Ren Zhengfei said that their OS is faster than Android operating system because they cover such modern categories like Autonomous Vehicles, Internet of things, PCs, and tablets etc. and he further said that HongMeng OS even faster than MacOS. Ren Zhengfei also told that they would not give up after the ban we built our OS and competed with Android and MacOS. 

In G20 summit USA president Donald Trump promising China president Xi Jinping that they will remove all ban and allow the USA companies to sell their products to Chinese companies, and also Chinese companies sell their product in the USA. 

If the USA didn`t remove the ban then the companies of the USA like Google, Microsoft etc. lost their user because if they do not lift the ban, then all Chinese companies will stop purchasing a product from the USA. Due to which the USA face significant losses.

Companies like Xiomi, Huawei and much more purchase product from the USA if they stop purchase then the companies of the USA face a lot of problems. This is the reason why Donald Trump removes all the restrictions from China about trade.

Huawei is the number 2 company in the mobile market Honor is sub-brand of Huawei. Company launch Honor phone in the mid-range and Huawei phone cost higher than honor, but both the phones are good in performance. Huawei uses its own operating system Kirin which is useful in performance. 

if you are a user of Huawei, then don’t afraid the USA remove all the ban if they do not remove then Huawei comes with its OS which name is HongMeng. 

According to recent news, you can now use all services of Google on your phone because they remove all the ban. You can download apps from the play store and use them properly. 

Huawei OS name is HongMeng which is faster then Android said my CEO of Huawei but seen when it comes into the market, and people use it and share their review then we confirm which one is faster, but people were excited that they use the different OS which is HongMeng.

Now tell me that Huawei gives better OS then Android means they will compete with not only with Android but a giant company google and apple.

Will they come with the faster operating system or not?


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